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The Introspection Hypnotherapy programme genuinely boosts your confidence and gets you thinking more positively, which can lead to very positive outcomes.

I was applying to jobs while doing hypnotherapy sessions with Francis and the techniques he showed me to help build confidence and think positively had a significant impact on my interview performance.

Thanks to Francis and the Introspection Hypnotherapy programme I have now been accepted to a new role that I didn’t think I would be able to get. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is applying for jobs or is thinking about a career change

A work/career performance client

Hypnotherapy has helped me to change my perspective on everyday events and interactions. I have become more aware of how my brain works and how to help myself when I’m feeling low. 

I have noticed significant improvements in my mood and felt much more able to deal with day to day inconveniences. My sleep routine has also been much better - I have been able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.  

Francis is a great listener and has been a really supportive and professional therapist.

A client with depression and anxiety

After months in lockdown and personal stuff going down, it really took a toll on me, I really felt like I was losing myself. I really didn’t know who I was anymore. Had no motivation, always anxious about things, couldn’t think straight and my mood was all over the place. I lost confidence in myself. 

Then I started seeing Francis and tried out his hypnotherapy. It was one of the best decisions I’ve done. I did not know what to expect but then I was welcomed to very kind and caring, professional environment/sessions. It has helped me cope with my anxieties and change up my perspective on life. I have more self confidence and it has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. Everyday I wake up motivated and full of energy.

It has helped me massively in every aspect of my life and the results are very good, I highly recommend it.

A client with anxiety and motivation issues

Francis helped me massively to overcome a bad habit that came around due to high amounts of stress and anxiety. He was extremely thoughtful and caring in his methods, as well as being really attentive to what was needed to get me on the right track mentally. I would highly recommend Francis at Introspection Hypnotherapy to anyone struggling mentally. A fantastic and dedicated hypnotherapist

A Client with anxiety stress and a habit

Francis has been incredibly professional throughout the entire hypnotherapy process and the sessions I have had with him have always beaten my expectations.

I had never tried anything like this before, but I went into it with an open mind and I was positively surprised by the impact it has had on my day to day life.

I cannot thank Francis enough for the changes he has made to my mindfulness. I would recommend his hypnotherapy sessions to anyone who wants to improve their mental health and build a more positive mindset.

Thank you Francis!

A work/ career performance client

Having never engaged in any form of therapy before, I was sceptical about the affordances that it would bring me at this point in my life. Francis was quick to reveal such affordances.

I excelled in an interview, getting myself a great job, increased my presence towards my friends with more awareness of how to tackle tricky social situations, and I’m confident in saying that none of this would have been possible without the sessions that I had. From what I have seen within my sessions, I truly believe that Francis will go on to be a perennial, nationally recognised therapist, and his eagerness to learn and develop within his young career has given me great confidence that I am with a therapist that values his craft, and his patients lifestyle and wellbeing. I’d strongly advise anyone to book in for a session.

Thank you Francis, and I look forward to our future sessions together!

A work/career performance client

I only have words of praise for Francis and his hypnotherapy.

I have been with him from the start and in such a small amount of time he has really grown professionally.

I have done counselling but it doesn’t compare to hypnotherapy, as hypnotherapy has had a huge impact in a small amount of time.

Since I was young I had sleeping issues and through attending sessions I can finally say that my sleep is now solved through the practices and sessions that I’ve had.

Going forwards even without sessions I can look to improve my lifestyle through the exercises that I have learnt which will only continue to benefit me mentally in the long run.

The sky is the limit for Francis as his technique and career will continue to evolve with time.

I cannot recommend Francis anymore to people who would like to invest into their mental health.

Thank you Francis for your hard work and I wish you the best in your career. I have no doubt it will be a successful one.

A Client with sleeping issues and anxiety

I started hypnotherapy with Francis around 4 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made for myself. Having tried various other therapists after being diagnosed with depression, I was hesitant to start hypnotherapy as nothing had worked for me thus far. However, Francis made me feel incredibly comfortable and our sessions became something I looked forward to each week. Following some traumatic experiences in my life, I felt that they were consuming me and that things would never get better. I undertook some sessions with Francis to specifically tackle the trauma and I am now in a situation where I don’t associate such negative feelings with memories of the traumatic experiences. My mindset has completely shifted and each week, I have found myself improving more and more. I am now able to cope much better in triggering situations - my sleep quality has improved, my anxiety has much reduced and I’ve begun enjoying life much more. I can’t thank or recommend Francis enough - I wish I had done this sooner!

A client with anxiety, depression and trauma

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