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What does hypnosis feel like?

You may experience a sense of calmness and detachment from your surroundings, as if you're in a peaceful, trance-like state. Some people describe it as feeling deeply relaxed, yet still aware of what's happening around them. It's important to note that everyone's experience with hypnosis can be unique, but overall, it will feel comfortable and safe, allowing you to explore your subconscious mind and access the resources within yourself for positive change.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

The number of sessions required varies depending on the individual and the nature of the issue being addressed. Some people may notice significant improvements after just a few sessions, while others may require more extended treatment. I will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan based on your goals and progress during the FREE initial consultation.

What if I'm skeptical about hypnosis?

It's natural to have questions or reservations about hypnosis, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. Hypnosis is not about relinquishing control or being manipulated; instead, it's a collaborative process between you and I. If you're skeptical, consider scheduling an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and learn more about how hypnotherapy works. I will address any misconceptions and help you feel more comfortable and confident about the process.

Will I do anything embarrassing or lose control of my free will during hypnosis?

No, hypnosis does not cause you to act against your will or do anything embarrassing. Contrary to the portrayal of stage hypnosis in entertainment, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process focused on achieving positive outcomes. While you may experience a state of heightened suggestibility and relaxation during hypnosis, you remain fully aware of your actions and have the ability to reject any suggestions that do not align with your values or intentions. I am there to guide and support you throughout the session, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for your personal growth and well-being.

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